Lake Arrowhead History


Did You Know That…

    • The earliest settlements by Europeans in this area were due to the logging industry.


    • In the 1800′s, Chinese work crews dug a series of tunnels through the San Bernardino mountains connecting to Lake Arrowhead.


    • A narrow gauge steam train ran along what is now “Rim of the World” highway, through Running Springs and into Grass Valley.


    • The tower that stands in the middle of Lake Arrowhead is 195 feet high and is an outlet for water to the desert below.


    • The charming Willow Woods, a local shopping community, includes log cabin buildings still in use that date back to the early 1900′s.


    • Tour companies from all over the United States include Lake Arrowhead on their itineraries


    • The San Bernardino Mountains present a spectacular showcase of life by offering visitors over 2,000 species of flora and nearly 400 species of fauna.


    • The business district of Lake Arrowhead was burned to the ground in the late 1970′s and was rebuilt to current status. The pavilion, which stands in the center of the village, was the only original building preserved.



  • Many, many movies have been filmed in Lake Arrowhead, including “Heidi”, “Magnificent Obsession”, “The American President,” “Space Jam,” and “The Parent Trap.”


Lake Arrowhead