Principle road access to the Arrowhead area and among the Arrowhead communities is on the network of State Highways 18, 138, 173 and 189. Caltrans maintains two road maintenance facilities in the area. San Bernardino County maintains the balance of the public road network and has a maintenance facility in the area.


A fixed bus route system operates around Lake Arrowhead and connects to other mountain communities of Crestline and Lake Gregory, Running Springs and Big Bear. Public transportation down the hill to San Bernardino is available three times per day. Call for schedule: 909-338-1113.


Ontario International Airport, 60 minutes from Lake Arrowhead, is serviced by most domestic carriers as well as being serviced by Southwest Airlines.


Lake Arrowhead Airport is a private airport for business and recreational travel as well as a perfect resource for firefighting, air evacuation and emergency landing for all public agencies in the mountain communities. They are located 2.5 miles north of the lake. For further information visit their website.


Lake Arrowhead