Tourism is the primary economic generator for the area contributing 78 million dollars a year to the county and providing 600 full time and 700 part time jobs for local residents. The area is host to 2.4 million visitor days a year.


There are 400 guestrooms in Hotels, Motels and Bed & Breakfasts for overnight visitors as well as 500 Cabin Rentals and Condo Rentals which are rented out on a short-term basis. Ski packages, Weddings and Eco-Tourism are major sources of visitor growth. The area is also popular for business conferences. Accommodation occupancy during most of the year is very high, 90% on holidays and weekends, but dips to 45% on weekdays. Summer is the most popular tourist season with Winter usage growing.


There are virtually no Research and Development, Manufacturing, Wholesaling or Distribution employers in the Arrowhead area. These types of businesses are located in the Valley below, a 30 to 60 minute drive for mountain residents. Estimates are that about 50 % of the employed people who live in Arrowhead and the surrounding communities commute down the mountain on a daily basis.


Major employers in the area can be divided into two categories:

Local Services Major Employers
  • Rim of the World Schools (500)
  • Mountain Community Hospital (155)
  • Stater Brother’s Markets (95)
  • Jensen’s Markets (90)
  • Lake Arrowhead Fire District (70)
  • Southern California Edison (35)
  • Southern California Gas (24)
  • Visitor Services Major Employers
  • U.C.L.A. Conference Center (65)
  • Forest Service (30)

A small list of shopping centers includes many retail establishments in the Arrowhead area and 35 restaurants, a growing collection of factory outlet stores, numerous antique and gift stores and a lumberyard.


There are two supermarkets, four convenience stores, five gas stations, two drug stores, and three full service banks. Thirty minutes away at the base of the mountains are two regional malls, most auto dealerships and all major warehouse, and home improvement stores.