Almost all of the private land surrounding Lake Arrowhead has been subdivided into residential lots. About 10,000 lots are in Arrowhead Woods where property ownership carries with it the right to use Lake Arrowhead. Most lots have been improved with residences ranging from modest cabins to some of the most expensive homes in the world. 4,200 of these homes are occupied full time by the permanent population of nearly 13,000. The 6,000 second homes are used on weekends, holidays and in the summer. On a summer holiday weekend, the population swells to forty thousand.


The permanent population is growing rapidly from 6,300 in 1980, 11,960 in 1990, 12,982 in 2000, and 12,424 in the 2010 census. Ultimate build-out population is projected to be about 33,500.


Full time residents occupy about 53% of the homes with part time residents and vacation rentals being the remainder. There are a number of retired residents but probably not more than 20% of the population. School attendance has leveled off in the past few years, and it is estimated that 50% of the permanent households have children in grade K-12. Income and education levels are higher than those of surrounding communities.

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