Lake Arrowhead is an unincorporated area governed by the County of San Bernardino. It is not a city. A County building in Twin Peaks houses building and safety.


The County also provides a Library in Blue Jay. The California Highway Patrol has a facility in Running Springs. Fire protection and Paramedic services are provided by the Lake Arrowhead and Crest Forest Fire Districts with four full time and four volunteer stations located in the Arrowhead area. In addition, the Forest Service and California Division of Forestry provide fire protection facilities, equipment and personnel in the area.


Lake Arrowhead Communities Service District provides water and sewer to Arrowhead Woods. Water service to surrounding communities outside of Arrowhead Woods is provided by private water companies. The Rim of the World School District covers not only the Lake Arrowhead area but also the Crestline and Running Springs areas. The single high school and junior high school as well as (2) of the district’s five (5) elementary schools are located in the Arrowhead area. Several Universities are located within commuter distance from the Arrowhead area in San Bernardino and Riverside.


The U.S. Postal Service maintains seven (7) post offices in the Arrowhead area. All mail pick-up is using post office boxes.


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